What Stage Of Life Are You In?

The stages of life relate to the three constitutions or dosha and are important in determining why we think and act in certain ways.

Knowing these stages of life can also be beneficial to our wellness because we can take the appropriate measures to stay balanced and healthy.

Most importantly, when we know what stage of life we are in, we can learn to accept ourselves more fully and embrace what we do in a more positive way.

Ayurveda stages of life

Kapha: From conception to late puberty (around age 15) is considered a Kapha stage of life because at this time we are still in the elements of water and earth, undergoing conception, growth and development.

Tissues are growing, expanding and becoming denser as we put on weight. Because Kapha is connected to emotions and feelings, it is at this time that we are emotionally dependent and receptive.

Our diet is more Kapha in nature so the body requires more dairy products and rich foods to provide nutrients for growth.

Most childhood diseases are of Kapha nature, with mucus, phlegm, colds, flu and swollen glands. Note: the elderly can also be Kapha in nature as they get more sluggish, put on weight, become less active and sometimes accumulate things.

Pitta: Middle age (from puberty to the onset of old age; about 15-50) is considered a Pitta stage of life because the growth process slows down and we are preoccupied with accomplishing our goals in life.

This is when we are most aggressive, ambitious and motivated to fulfill our personal desires. The aggressive and rebellious teen period shows an uprising in Pitta.

Our diet is inclined towards Pitta foods such spices, alcohol and red meat. Pitta disorders that often happen during this stage can include many things from acne to heat attacks.

Vata: Old age (usually after 50 and especially after 65) is the Vata stage of life because our body is starting to decay and degenerate.

Our vital fluids are drying out, our vigor decreases, hair and teeth start to fall out, our senses decline and our memory begins to fail.

Life force is slowly leaving the body and returning to its astral nature. It is also a time where we may become more connected to universal consciousness and through cultivating wisdom and detachment, we can teach and guide others.

Note: Vata can also include childhood because ones energy in this stage if life is more unstable and restless.

Knowing these 3 stages can help give us more purpose and direction in life. Through the law of karma we have all come to this earth to fulfill our desires and accomplish what we were intended to do.

No matter what, as we age, we must all go through these various stages.

Some peoples’ spirits choose to experience only one or two of these stages whereas others, who live longer lives may choose to experience all three stages of life.

So, we should embrace whatever stage we are in and do our best to fulfill our life’s mission and purpose.



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