What’s the point of Meditating? Can it really help you?

Out of all the yoga, health and wellness practices, mediation can be one of the hardest practices to do. Meditation has recently become a mainstream practice promising all kinds of benefits for body, mind and spirit. But does it really work and is it really worth our time?

You may have heard people talk about mediation as being a blissful experience promoting peace and harmony. But, meditation for many is a challenging practice because it often involves sitting still in one spot for certain lengths of time. Instead of attaining bliss, peace and harmony, many feel restless and uncomfortable because they are not use to sitting still in one place.

Many people also claim that meditation helps to calm and clear your mind. For many however, meditation does everything but that. As soon as one closes their eyes and tries to sit in stillness, their inner mind chatter becomes loud with thoughts of worry, doubts and planning.

So what’s the point of meditating? Can Meditation really help you?

First of all, the initial stage of meditation can be quite challenging and a habit hard to create. I initially started practicing mediation regularly only because I had to for a yoga training I was taking. We practiced meditation early in the morning, every day at 5:00 am for six weeks straight. We were asked to close our eyes and just sit there and pay attention to our breath for one hour.

At the beginning of the training, the meditation practice was torturous and I often felt extreme physical and mental pain. I was far from finding peace, harmony and bliss. The only time I felt good was when the alarm would go off to indicate the practice was over. I would think to myself yes, finally I can start my day.

What I didn’t realize was that this practice of meditation was helping me to start my day with peace and presence. As time went on during my training, I started to become more aware, relaxed and content. I soon looked forward to the experience of meditation by I was feeling these positive effects more and more. By the end of my six week course I embraced this practice, took it home and continued it for years.

Now for me meditation is a time were I connect with myself, purge my thoughts and reflect on who I am. This is a time for me to simply just be and enjoy the moments of stillness and silence. There are times now when I do feel extreme bliss and happiness.

Meditation can be difficult at first, but sometimes one has to walk through a dark forest in order to come into an open clearing and see the light. This light creates wonderful feelings of peace and joy. This is what meditation does for me every day.

So, is meditation really worth the effort? Well, here are 3 reasons I believe one should meditate regularly and how meditation can enhance one’s sense of inner harmony.

1. Meditation helps one to become more calm and peaceful. The state of one’s mind is reflected through one’s actions. People that react to circumstances and events in a calm, gentle and peaceful manner have an inner state of peace. Thus, meditation helps one to release thoughts of anger, frustration, jealously and fear. Letting go of negative thoughts through meditation creates a sense of peace and equanimity.

2. Mediation helps one to become more aware and focused. It allows one to still their mind and experience the present moment for what is it. Thus, one can gain a more clear and objective perspective. A regular practice of mediation creates more consistency of being present, observant and focused throughout the day. When one is more aware of their daily actions, they will perform them more efficiently and effectively.

3. Meditation reveals who you are. The practice of meditation allows for contemplation, introspection and self-analysis. When your mind is calm and quite, ask yourself “Who am I”. This questions has many layers but ultimately it allows one to discover their own inner truths about who they really are.

Meditation can definitely bring one content and joy and, it can be practiced almost anywhere, anytime. One of my favorite places is to practice outdoors in nature where I can tune into the sounds around me such as the birds or the cars passing by. Then I can focus deeply on my breath and begin to clear my mind of thoughts as I become more present. Stilling my mind, even for a short period of time, brings me bliss. It is the quality of one’s meditation, not the quantity. Remember to be patient with your meditation practice and enjoy the happiness and bliss it brings to you.

Aman Rai is an Ayurvedic Counsellor, Yoga Teacher Trainer and Meditation Instructor. She is also the co- founder of the Sacred Seed Yoga & Ayurveda College. Feel free to connect with her through Facebook at facebook.com/SacredSeedYogaAyurveda


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