Ayurvedic Diet

I’m excited and to share with you my new ebook: Ayuvedic Diet Secrets.

Within the book lays the wisdom of a diet over 5000 years old which the wise yogis and sages used, to live long healthy lives – over 100 yrs old.

The diet is now something many people want to know and have been asking for as today’s diets are superficial and don’t address the real solutions for weight loss, strength, vitality and optimal health.

Why should you read this book now?

Many people wait until their health progressively gets worse (sometimes without even knowing it) or they wait until they develop some condition before they change their diet and seek healthier alternatives. But don’t. Read Ayurvedic Diet Secrets now. Here’s why…

This book will help you and give you

  • An Understanding Of The Ayurveda Diet And How It Can Transform Your Life
  • A Complete Ayurvedic Diet Guide For Your Unique Dosha Type
  • A Simplified and Detailed Test To Determine Your Dosha Type
  • Food Recommendation – Eating The Right Foods For Your Dosha Type
  • Secrets For Weight Loss, Optimal Health And Disease Prevention

What Else Do I Get?

Essentially you’ll get a clear, conscious and concise guide to ayurvedic eating and how to overcome and prevent health problems. The book comes in digital format – PDF (with Kindle option coming soon).

It’s full of all the best methods, tips, and advice I have on the ayurvedic diet and diet recommendations prescribed by the world best ayurvedic doctors. These are things I have tested myself and actually work. See the table of contents below.

Table Of Contents: – 21 chapters – 75 pages

Introduction to the Ayurveda Diet

The key to unlocking the secrets of the Ayurvedic Diet

Preventing disease and maintaining optimal health

The energetics of the Ayurveda Diet

What is an Ayurvedic dosha and what is its importance

Determining Your Ayurvedic constitution – The dosha test

Basic Ayurvedic dietary guidelines

The Vata Diet

The Pitta Diet

The Kapha Diet

The Vata-Pitta Diet

The Vata- Kapha Diet

The Pitta- Kapha Diet

The Tridoshic Diet

The six tastes of Ayurveda diet

How to balance your health using the six tastes

Top 10 Ayurvedic herbs and Ayurvedic super-foods

Ayurvedic remedies for common health conditions

Five things to avoid in your diet

Seven secrets for proper eating and digestion.

More Ayurvedic diet secrets

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