Ayurveda and Ayurveda Yoga Therapy

Ayurveda is the “science of life” promoting longevity and has its roots from India extending back five to ten thousand years.

Many people, especially in the west are unaware of Ayurveda and Ayurveda Yoga Therapy which is designed to completely balance the body – physically, mentally and emotionally.

Yoga is becoming extremely popular now and more and more people on this planet are studying yoga and even becoming yoga teachers.  With this being the case, it is important to now know and understand Ayurveda as it is the sister science to yoga and is needed on our spiritual journey.

Gone are the days where we can avoid and forget about incorporating the wisdom of Ayurveda into our  yoga sadhana – practices and daily living.

This is where Ayurveda Yoga therapy comes in.  Ayurveda yoga therapy or Ayurvedic Yoga therapy is the depth of understanding the individual student, their unique health concerns and their psychological and emotional make up to bring balance for deep healing, energetic realignment, and spiritual development.

As an Ayurvedic Yoga therapist, one develops a keen discernment and expertise to create their own Ayurvedic classes and work one on one with individuals.

The whole system of Ayurveda training is not really that simple because there are in fact a variety of components that include the science and composition of food, anatomy, physiology, pathology, diagnostic systems and treatment strategies for specific health and medical conditions.

In India and other places around the world an Ayurvedic doctor must complete a 5 – 6 year post-graduate degree (Bachelors of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery) to become qualified. An Ayurveda yoga therapist however can be a yoga teacher or holistic wellness practitioner who specializes on yoga asanas, pranayamas and meditations for individuals with various constitutions.

It should be noted that Ayurveda is recognized by the World Health Organization as an effective, traditional medical practice and health science. So, being a health and wellness practice for body, mind and spirit it has been gaining more popularity as people  begin to realize their true nature and purpose in life. Everyone is seeking happiness and longevity. Ayurveda is the gift for the rishis those ancient sages and seers who gives us this.

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